Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do we have to suffer more ?


These days have bring many controversial issue about Osama bin Laden. 
However , the truth is not being revealed yet since the dead body is 
not being exposed to the public. 
But , the question is how can you say that the ''death'' of Osama 
can bring peace to the world ???? 
I did not see anything change...

Let these pictures speak...

This is one of the cause why war happen

Can this kid survive ?

Soldiers's  family cry...

Where is the humanity ?

Give her life. She suppose to have a life.

War is not giving any benefit to anyone. No one get the advantage. Many people die.
Women should do chores at home. Not producing the bomb. 
Soldiers should protect the country. Not attacking another country.
Children should go to school. Not hiding behind the bushes and tree.

Why can we live in peace , with happy life, go to school, having social network, have money to spend , have food to eat and else while the other are suffering ?
Pray to God may one day the light comes at the end of the tunnel. 
And they survive in this brutal world...
Help each other while we can.
Cause God love the helper more than the killer.
And heaven is the place where we want to go.

Peace. No war.


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